Memory Maps

At PrintedCraft, we exist to inspire you to celebrate how far you have come in life through stylish & unique custom art. We firmly believe your memories are a part of your beautiful journey that should be celebrated every single day. We want to capture those moments in life you wish you could just freeze forever, and all the little and big things that matter most to you and your loved ones.

Custom Boarding Pass Cover

Our current #1 bestseller, the Custom Boarding Pass Cover- also called the Custom Plane ticket Mobile Cover- is for you to commemorate those places and travels most dear to you and your loved ones.

Customise the name, side strip colours, and the city/country/place of your choice.

Custom Streetmap Covers

Currently available in 3 styles, and as hard and soft covers, the Custom Streetmap Covers are entirely customisable, starting with the background, which is an extract of any map location of your choice. Pick your favourite holiday destination, your birth place, or any location that holds meaning for you or loved ones.

On the custom map background, you add in your own text and subtext, and an emoji of your choice. Also, you can choose to send in exact coordinates to make the cover a little extra special and extra unique.

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