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5 ways to make your pets feel more loved

Your pets are your family, and just like your family, they want to be loved and cared for. Your pets rely on you for all their needs and wants. I have a pet of my own, a 3-year-old male golden retriever that my family named “Calvin”. He might just be the cutest, naughtiest little dog ever. He is always up for a game of fetch with his favourite pink ball. All of us, in the Das family, love him more than anything and we can tell that he loves us too. There are plenty of ways in which you can show your love for your pet and form special bonds with them: 

1. Exercise/Play with your pet

What your pets love more than anything is to participate in some type of physical activity or play. Every day, spend some time engaging with your pet by playing their favourite games. Some of my dog’s favourite games are fetch, treasure hunt (with his favourite biscuits), and a game of tug. There are loads of games that you could try playing with your pet like hide-and-seek, fetch and treasure hunt (scent-based game). Experiment with different games till you find the ones that your pet likes the most and try to establish a reward system for doing so.

2. Make an effort to understand and learn their language

Since pets can’t talk, they communicate through body language. They constantly send us some sort of signal through their body language and learning what they are trying to communicate to us not just makes life easier for both of you, but also makes them feel a lot more loved. That ease of communication between you and your pet will help both of you understand each other’s emotions, intentions and actions. Taking out the time and effort to learn your pet’s language is in itself a sign that you love your pet. Pets understand this and in turn, reciprocate the feeling of affection and love in some way or the other. 

3. Pay attention and listen to the signals that your pet gives

After having learned your pets’ language, you will understand that your pets are almost always trying to communicate something to you, even when you don’t realise it. Their eyes are usually the most expressive part of their body and they often convey their emotions and feelings about something through their body language. If they like something, you’ll be able to tell that they enjoy a certain activity or a certain type of food or treat. Similarly, if they dislike something, it becomes apparent through their body language and you have to pay attention to it. They might be scared of playing a certain way or participating in something new. Watch out for those signals and try not to make your pet uncomfortable. When they communicate to you that they like something, find a way to include more of that into their daily or weekly routines. 

4. Go on an adventure with your pets

Some pets like the sense of adventure and enjoy going somewhere that they haven’t been to before. It’s that time that they get to spend with you, doing something new, going somewhere new, that some pets really enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a long road trip. You could just take your pet somewhere nearby the next time you go out. Maybe consider letting your pet join you on your next trip to your friend’s house. Pets love the time that they get to spend with you and the more time they get to spend with you, the more special the bond between you two will be.

5. Take time out during the day only for your pet

A brilliant way to really show your pets that you love them is to put aside all your other work, gadgets, etc. and spend time with them just cuddling, showing affection, giving them a few of their favourite treats, and talking to them. We have a lot of other stuff going on in our lives like relationships, work, play etc. Pets have only their owners – us. Our undivided attention for a couple of hours a day means the world to them and they know that you truly love them.